Doldrums’ music deals with the loss of the individual, a bodiless, Soma-fried peeling back of surface emotions to expose an attitude both utterly bleak and mesmerizing.

The solo project of artist Airick Woodhead, Doldrums began in 2010 amidst the fleetingly chaotic atmosphere of the Montreal noise scene, emerging with a concentrated, otherworldly genre-blending sound that results in a surreal hybrid of experimental electronic sounds with a distinctly pop ethos built on synths, samples and everything in between.

In 2011, after hearing Doldrums’ interpretation of their song “Chase the Tear,” Portishead released his song as the b-side to their single. At the same time, new tracks fell into the hands of cult London indie label No Pain In Pop, and were quickly confirmed for release as Empire Sound, his debut EP.

He signed to Berlin label Souterrain Transmissions in 2012, releasing the “Egypt” 12” EP, that recontextualized the bombshelter desperation of the Montreal noise scene into an ambitious, eight minute warehouse club jam. Doldrums followed this up with “She Is The Wave,” a limited edition 7” that draws from the European electronic music scene with a distinctly American sound, out now on Souterrain Transmissions / Arbutus Records.

Doldrums has toured extensively this year with a new three-piece live set up, sharing the stage with Grimes, Purity Ring, Bear In Heaven, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Austra and more. He’s developed a captivating live show so fueled with energy and adrenaline that it often teeters dangerously on the brink of collapse, yet it’s on that edge that the world of Doldrums is at it’s most intoxicating.

His debut record, Lesser Evil, is out now on Arbutus Records.


Lesser Evil
February 26, 2013 / Arbutus Records

01. Intro
02. Anomaly
03. She Is The Wave (ft. Guy Dallas)
04. Sunrise
05. Egypt
06. Holographic Sandcastles (ft. Sami Nacomi)
07. Singularity Acid Face
08. Lesser Evil
09. Golden Calf
10. Lost in Everyone
11. Painted Black

Egypt 12 Inch
June 4, 2012 / Arbutus Records

Side A:
A. Egypt

Side B:
B1. Jump Up
B2. Copper Girl

Portishead / Doldrums “Chase the Tear” 12 inch
November 14, 2011 / XL Recordings

Side A:
A. Portishead - Chase the Tear

Side B:
B. Doldrums - Chase the Tear (Portishead Cover)

Empire Sound
November 8, 2011 / No Pain In Pop

01. Say Ahhh
02. I'm Homesick Sittin' Up Here In My Satellite
03. Parrot Talk
04. Endless Winter
05. Tantrum
06. Lost In My Head