FKA Twigs

“It must be said that visually few artists are currently soaking up internet culture with quite the ease FKA twigs offers.” Dummy Mag

“Like the Arca beats that FKA Twigs sings over, which explode the metric grid in which we’d normally encounter dance music and hip-hop, Twigs takes the pop diva persona and passes it through her own, distorting magnifying glass.” FADER

“A hypnotic voice.” NPR

“A moody, breathy and intimate affair.” BBC

“Every now and then, the internet spits out a curiosity that’s so curious, we have to know more. Case in point: FKA Twigs.” BULLETT

“Haunting + incredible.” Gorilla vs Bear

“15 years ago, one could almost imagine FKA Twigs lending her vocal talents to a Massive Attack album. This, and other elements of her sound, suggests a timelessness to her music that should give her incredible staying power as an artist.” MTV

EP2 is a tightly composed four-song collection of roiling, narcotic beats, poetic lyrics, and beautifully understated singing.” Glamour



September 17, 2013 / Young Turks

01. How's That
02. Papi Pacify
03. Water Me
04. Ultraviolet