Isaac Delusion

Isaac Delusion almost seems like an accident, a dream scrawled blindly in a bedside journal in the early morning hours, so you won’t forget what happened to you while you were asleep. The band was just an experiment, after all, when it began in Paris three years ago : singer/songwriter Loic Fleury and electronic producer Jules Paco, who had originally found each other at age 14, now in their twenties, wanted to combine their disparate passions. Paco lived in a world of electronica and hip-hop, influenced by artists like Aphex Twin, Bonobo, Gang Starr and The Pharcyde, while Fleury’s love was folk music ; the singer played in a quiet indie-folk band called Lucky Lindy, idolizing artists like Pink Floyd, Elliott Smith and Sufjan Stevens. But when the pair began trading influences, the sounds they made were more personal explorations than anything.

“One day I heard one of his band’s song on which he was singing with a very specific voice, close to what’s now his Isaac Delusion voice,” says Paco of Isaac Delusion’s birth. “That day, I told him we had to try making music together, because it was great.”

“We were just beginners,” says Fleury. “I wanted a different vocal identity than I had had with the bands I’d [been in] before. It was just for fun, to have a new experience with music.”

But when casual research somehow produces unexpected treasures, it can’t remain a lark for long : the pair’s friends heard their demos, and they wanted more. So Isaac Delusion recorded Midnight Sun, their debut EP, and released it in 2012. When fans heard that, they wanted even more. So they began playing gigs in Paris, hiring bass player Nicolas Bourrigan to flesh out their live experience. Crowds kept coming, asking for more, so within months, the band had crafted and released a second EP, Early Morning. Each time, the music that emerged was immediate and ephemeral all at once, Fleury’s gossamer vocals floating above Paco’s pulsing dance production with each airy ode to daylight remembered in the dead of night. The name they had chosen for themselves – Isaac, which might remind listeners of Renaissance physicists, or maybe of Biblical sacrifice, and Delusion, to honor their music’s deceptively wide-eyed nature – seemed to have been more appropriate than they realized. In fact, much of what they’d produced – two EPs, countless shows, even their name – had come to them almost spontaneously.

“Simplicity is very important to us. Even as we’ve done more complex composition, with good songs, in my experience, the first idea has always been best.”

Isaac Delusion will release their new 7″ on June 3rd on Cracki Records featuring the 2 tracks “She Pretends” and “Children Of The Night.”


Early Morning
January 29, 2013 / Cracki Records

01. Early Morning
02. Purple Sky
03. Transistors
04. Supernova
05. Sand Castle

Midnight Sun
January 15, 2012 / Cracki Records

01. Midnight Sun
02. Waiting
03. Iron Man
04. Waiting (acoustique)
05. The Desert Song - (out on vinyl only)