Moon King

Toronto native Daniel Benjamin and collaborator/co-conspirator Maddy Wilde have been making music together for most of their lives; as Moon King, the two singers weave dreamlike harmonies over buzz-saw guitars and electronic percussion, their live performances capturing a raw-nerve intensity that verges on ecstatic. Many of Daniel’s songs appeal to our darker subconscious desires, reveling in the embrace of fear and ego as a means of escape.

Moon King have toured with Fucked Up & Twin Sister since the release of their debut 12″ EP this past summer, and are planning to release a follow-up EP Obsession II in April 20, 2013 on One Big Silence, the label run by Mike Haliechuk of Fucked Up. Daniel has also been touring as a member of his brother Airick’s project Doldrums.


Obsession II
April 20, 2013 / One Big Silence

01. Violence
02. Dreamtrap
03. Icarus
04. Appel
05. Almost Blue
06. Glass

Obsession I
August 14, 2012 / One Big Silence

01. Only Child
02. Fear Of Love
03. Sleeping in my Car
04. Film/TV/Ad Exec
05. Crucified